KSS, a new way to retail

The Kiosk KSS/3 is a self service point of sale and payment.

Quick: No delays, no queues. The kiosk makes for easier sales and payment, reducing
queues and maximising customer flows.

Cost-effective / Controlled: No mistakes with change, No shrinkage, and it saves time
cashing up.

User Friendly: The Kiosk can display products better and guides the customer through
the sale in an intuitive way.

Cash or Card: Kiosks accepts both cash payments (coins and banknotes) or credit/
debit cards.

Modern: This innovative selling process using cutting edge technology will appeal more
and more to a generation of tech savvy customers

Self Service: The customer orders and pays, without the need to be attended, resulting
in lower staff costs and maximising your profits

Confidencial: Customers can explore all options available in a visual, detailed and
guided way before deciding on their purchase.

Versatile: The KSS Kiosk architecture permits the installation of bespoke software
applications, connection to peripherals and intregration to existing management

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  • Dimensions: 1595 x 590 x 350 mm
  • Touchscreen 17” SAW
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
  • Dell Serie OptiPlex Computer
  • ETHERNET Connection
  • USB port, Audio input and output
  • Thermal Printer 80 mm
  • Bill reader with payout 1 value bill
  • Coin selector + 5 Hopper
  • Credit Card Reader

Consult GM Vending for further information by mail: export@gupomeper.com or by phone: +34 948 31 73 11